Our Products

Polypropylene(PP)spunbonded nonwoven fabric are made up from 100% polypropylene with parameter of high tensile and tear strength, sound filterability and great softness as well as fire retardant properties.

Nonwoven polypropylene is the new miracle fabric. It’s a recyclable plastic fabric which makes it Eco friendly and has multiple applications. Nonwoven polypropylene is also a practical fabric because of its strong and extremely light weight, so it is convenient to carry. The fabric is also comfortable, soft and is commonly used to make surgical mask, gowns, sanitary pads, diapers, etc.

We manufacture Non woven fabrics of following specification :

    • GSM Range : 6GSM to 180GSM,
    • Colour: White, Ivory, Black, Beige, Red, Pink, Orange, green etc. We can provide other colors based specific requiremen
    • Width :We can provide roll of maximum width of 128 inches (About 3.25 meters) and rolls can be cut in different sizes within this total width. Monthly Capacity: 300 Tons / Per month

    Pastedot Fusible Nonwoven Interlining Fabric

    This fabric is made from Polyester Staple Fibre. This is used as allied product in textile garments as interlining. The process of manufacturing of this nonwoven fabric is called THERMOBOND NONWOVEN.
    Pastedot itself suggests that this material has glue on it and when run through hot iron on garments, it gets glued/pasted on garment/textile fabrics. Even when you touch the fabric you can feel micro dots on one side. Temperature required for the glue to activate and complete the process is about 100-120 degrees.

    This fabric is majorly used in ladies garments/fabrics, purses/wallets, men’s shirt collars and cuffs, pant’s waist belt etc.

    COVID 19

    Our value-added nonwoven fabrics have been certified and approved by DRDO for Covid19 to make PPE Coveralls Gowns for our Health Warriors and we shall be able to contribute to our nation at this crucial time of distress created by the deadly disease, N-Cronavirus.