Industrial and Agriculture

Roadbed cloth, Dykes and Dams cloth, waterproof Rolling fabric, greenhouse cover, filtration material, oil abortion material etc.

Medical and Hygiene Products

Operation clothes, diaper, exposure suit, sanitary towel, disinfect cloth,respirator, duster cloth, wiping cloth, wet face cloth, flexible towel roll,hairdressing product, spa cover sheets, pad and any other cloth for single use.

Household/Upholstery Products

Suit covers, knitwear covers, garderobe covers, table cloth, other products include pillow slips, bedspreads, lining of sofas, car covers,covers for quilt, computer, air conditioner and fan covers, curtains etc.

Garments and Shoes

Clad and lining, shoes lapping cloth, shoes bag, shoes cover, bags of hanging clothes, etc.

Labour Protection Appliances and Tourist Novelty

Protective cloths, raincoats, painting cloths, anti -dust cover, beach umbrella, beach cloths, toiletries packaging and so on.

Packaging and Bags

Shopping bags, rice bags, gift bags, quilt storage bags, garbage bags,advertising bag, sample handbags, grocery bags etc.

Automobile Ancillaries

covering material for sun-visors, door trim pads, loudspeaker cover, car mats, seat covers, decorative fabrics, sunroof,boot(trunk) liners, covering for moulded seats etc.